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Open House
My classroom all ready for Open House! My school does a Back to School Night in September just for the parents. Then in April we have an Open House. This is a time that students get to show off all their hard work!

At the beginning of the year I was trying to figure out how to get my students interested in nonfiction. Then I read about having a fact of the day. I decided to dedicate a small space of my classroom to the fact of the day.

Objective Boards:
I think I have finally perfected my method for posting objectives. In the past I use to have a section of my board that I would post my objectives. It was inevitable that they would be accidentally erased or they would get in the way. I saw this idea on Pinterest to use cheap frames then write on the frames with a dry erase marker. It works like a charm! If they happen to get in my way I move them (does not happen very often). Also, it eliminated the accidental erase problem because they are no longer on the same level as the whiteboard. 

Fact of the Day!

Most of my facts are from the National Geographic Weird but True books. I also find facts on the internet if it is a holiday or I can relate the facts directly to what we are learning in class.

The students are excited to see what the fact is each morning. The fact usually sparks some interesting conversations during snack.


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