Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wow Work! How I keep my students motivated!

Wow Stamps are one way I keep students motivated in my classroom all year long.

Students earn Wow Stamps in several ways: completing 3 pieces of Wow Work, answering a Wow question during a whole group lesson or simply doing something Wow worthy!

Each student has a Wow chart when students fill their chart they get to pick a prize from the prize box.

Kiddos that earn a Wow Stamp get one of these awesome stamps on their paper.

 Every student has their own folder with individualized Wow Work. This work usually consist of concepts they need to review or for my higher students I give them enrichment work. Each student is appropriately challenged.

I also have a set of leveled TOPs cards that students can also do for Wow Work. 

Wow work is also one way I have solved the "I'm done!!!" problem. When students finish their work they first complete any unfinished work then they can do Wow Work or read. Students love Wow Work because they are working towards a prize and it involves some choice. 


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